Body Weight Circuits Explained!

2 Dec

What are the benefits of body weight workouts?

  • The obvious one is that there’s no equipment required
  • You can exercise no matter where you are
  • You can do plyometrics, strength training, and agility drills all with just your body weight

When should you do body weight workouts (as a stand-alone workout, part of a larger workout, before or after cardio, or all of the above)?

  • Body weight workouts can be performed in all of the above situations. The key is to have the right workout plan that is periodized.

How do you create a body weight workout for yourself? I follow the prescription below not only for myself but also for Finish Fit Boot Camp® .

-Circuit #1

  • Power move
  • Knee dominant move
  • Upper body vertical pull
  • Upper body horizontal push
  • Core
  • Anaerobic finisher

-Circuit #2

  • Agility move
  • Hip dominant move
  • Upper body horizontal pull
  • Upper body vertical push
  • Core
  • Anaerobic finisher

-This programming must be modified every 4-6 weeks to prevent plateaus.

How do you choose exercises and create or adjust the workouts and how can you add plyometrics, progressions, or resistance bands to make moves more difficult?

Simply plug in exercises in the above formula:

Circuit #1

  • Power/Plyometric move-Jumping Jacks
  • Knee dominant move-Air squats
  • Upper body vertical pull-Pull ups
  • Upper body horizontal push-Pushups
  • Core-Planks
  • Anaerobic finisher-Burpies to front jacks (countdown)

Circuit #2

  • Agility move-Ice Skaters
  • Hip dominant move-Single leg bridges
  • Upper body horizontal pull-Body weight uni-row
  • Upper body vertical push-Inverted pushups
  • Core-Side planks
  • Anaerobic finisher-30 sec sprints

Plyometrics can be added in the power or agility section of the formula (as seen above) and resistance bands can be added to the knee dominant (i.e. squatting forward/reverse band walks) or then hip dominant portion of the formula (lateral band abductions).

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