Temporary Weight Loss Will Occur From Sweat But It Would Mostly Be Water Mass Not Fat Mass

22 Jun

Everyone sweats throughout the day. Sweat can be induced by hot weather, exercise,  eating spicy foods, etc. The general presumption is that when you sweat you lose weight. This is in fact true. You do lose weight, but most of the weight is water mass. Many athletes who have to make a certain weight before a competition, easily lose 10-15% of their body’s water weight prior to the weigh in. But all that water weight that’s lost is regained in a few days after they rehydrate.

Extra sweating by using the infrared sauna have been touted as a means of burning fat cells. The concept is that IR waves penetrate the skin and breake down fat cells. However, there have been no studies that prove the long term benefits of fat loss using IR saunas. One small study at the Binghamton University had people use the infrared sauna three times per week for 45 minutes. After four months, the sauna users lost 4% body fat compared to the control group (where the body fat did not change). However, the researchers failed to control the participants’ diet and exercise outside of the study. Therefore, it is hard to determine the cause of their weight loss.

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