How Can I Lose Weight Without Doing Cardio?

11 May

I’m often asked: “How can I lose weight without doing cardio”?

You can in fact lose weight without doing cardio by performing weight training exercises in specific sequences. Examples of such sequences are complexes (2 or more exercises performed in back-to-back fashion), Density training circuits (five exercises which use loads for approximately a 10-12 repetition maximum (RM)), On-Off circuits (30sec work, 30sec rest), and weight training in traditional sets performed in back to back fashion with the goal of completing all sets in as short a time as possible. Further examples of anaerobic strength training exercises that help burn fat calories and build muscle are metabolic “FINISHERS” such as “TABATA’s” and “COUNTDOWN’s”.

Although weight loss can be achieved through strength training alone, you should not ignore the benefits of cardio training. Recent studies have shown that long duration “Steady State” cardio done consistently over time can add to longevity. Moreover, long “Steady State” cardio can add flavor to your workouts, keep you from getting bored, and work slow-twitch muscles that are not normally worked during strength training (which activate fast-twitch muscle fibers). Cardio training can further help prevent training plateaus and allow you to continually see results in you strength training program.

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