10 Min Of Stretching Is All You Need Both Before And After A Workout

16 Feb

Dynamic stretches (stretches that involve movement) should be done before a workout and static stretches should be done after a workout. Studies have shown that if you do static stretches prior to any workout, the muscles tend to deactivate. This in turn contributes to diminished performance.

Static stretches after a workout not only help with overall flexibility, but they also help reduce DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness).

The appropriate Dynamic Stretch time (stretches before a workout) is about 10 min. This is enough time to get the muscles limber, raise the heart rate, and get the body ready for exercise.

The appropriate Static Stretch time (stretches after a workout) is also about 10 min. This provides enough time to cool down, and stretch all the major muscle groups after a workout.

You do not need to stretch more or less for running/dance/weight lifting before or after a workout. What you do need to do, however, is to perform the proper dynamic stretches that target the muscles groups you’ll be working that day, and perform the proper static stretches that target the muscles that have been exercised that day. In other words, the stretches must target the muscle groups required to perform that exercise (i.e. running/dance/weight lifting).

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