Indoor Vs. Outdoor Workouts For Women Age 50 And Older

10 Dec

-Some of the attributes of working out indoors are:

  • One can have access to workout equipment (i.e. selectorized machines) that one cannot have access to outdoors.
  • One can workout even if the weather conditions are bad (i.e. snowing heavily).
  • You can use free weights for strength training.
  • One won’t need bugs spray
  • It’s safer

Finish Fit Boot Camp® is held outdoors and there are many women over 50 that participate in our boot camps. Some of the attributes of working out outdoors are:

  • Get Vitamin D from the Sun.
  • Body adapts to different weather conditions which in turn builds up the immune system. Hence, one is less likely to get sick with the weather changes.
  • One can breath fresh air and see the sun come out as one is working out (during the 5 am classes).
  • One can incorporate sprints and runs on different ground conditions that one cannot mimic indoors.

-Tips for getting started with either:

  • Establish a certain time of day to exercise and book it on your calendar. This will ensure that you stick to your plan.
  • Find a reputable trainer that can help you.
  • Visit several gyms or outdoor boot camps and try them out for a few days before joining.
  • Set SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time bound).
  • Find a workout partner. This will allow you to have a system of checks and balances. You can motivate one another and help each other stay accountable.

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