Are You Ready?

22 Jun
The clock is ticking down to Finish Fit® Blog’s exciting launch, and, a question remains:

Are you ready?

We wanted to share some hot tips to make sure you are more than ready for your first day in class!
 Over 60% of your body is made of water, and we fully intend on making you sweat a decent percent of it out! Water is critical for maintaining proper hydration and energy levels. A significant drop can leave you zapped and on the bench! Prevent it by bringing your water bottle!
Don’t forget to bring your towel! Its invaluable when you need to wipe the sweat out of your eyes, and, we want a barrier between you and the grass for ab and yoga work.
Recovery Rations!
 Keep a few easy snacks handy for post workout to encourage fat loss or for a boost during class!
Workout Clothes!
 This one is pretty obvious, but proper workout clothes can make or break a class! We are all about helping you get into those skinny jeans, but save them for after class! T-shirts and shorts can’t be beat for summer! Another tip: make sure your clothes will stay on you! We have seen some unintentional exposures during jumping jacks, running, and squats! Make sure your clothes are as committed to your program as you are!
Stay tuned for more tips and updates! We are closing in on your first day of class!

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