What Is Tempo Cycling?

2 Jun

Tempo pace definitely isn’t sprinting, or even riding particularly hard, but nor is it riding steady state. For the scientifically minded, it equates to 75–85 percent of your maximal heart rate or 76–90 percent of your FTP (Functional Threshold Power).

A tempo workout should be performed at about 15 beats below your lactate threshold. To determine your lactate threshold, use a heart-rate monitor with an average function and set the timer on your stopwatch for 20 minutes. Ride at full speed for five minutes and then maintain an easy pace for 10 minutes and then cool down for five. Your average power, minus five percent will be your lactate threshold. This number is different for every rider. Use a heart rate monitor to find and then stay in this zone. Tempo work can be performed on a trainer or outside. The key is to stay in the correct heart rate zone for the allotted amount of time.

Tempo training is often performed in the off-season toward the end of a cyclist’s base training.

And when done appropriately, it can help burn additional calories and prepare the rider for HIT training in-season.

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