What Are The Best Butt Exercises?

10 Jun

Here are the best butt exercises:

1) Samba Dance with rotating hips:

Circle hips as you squat (increase intensity with deeper on larger circles)

2) Ipanema Walk:

Lift, swing forward, step, and lunge forward; lift, swing, step and go into a backward lunge

3) Squat Arabesque:

Place feet shoulder with apart. Shift weight to heels, keep knees behind toes, and stick out your butt behind you.  Extend leg back as you extend the arm up and forward.

4) Attitude kickback: Stand on high heels (balancing on balls of feet while keeping hips lifted) step left then right (for deep inner butt muscles like the Piriformis). The isometric hold on top will add intensity to the exercise.

5) Kneeling leg lift:

Begin in the all-fours position.  Extend one back and up, hold on top, and pulse. This gives definition between hamstring and butt for a rounded appearance. This lifts butt shelf and gives smoother appearance (with or without dumbbells).

6) Kneeling diagonal leg lift:

Kneeling cross kick-ups (targets sides of hips and inner thighs giving the glutes a carved rounded appearance and smoothing the side of the leg)

7) Suspended clam Shells:

Rotate leg away from hips and hold on top of range of motion. Tones side of glutes giving curved appearance.

8) Floor leg lift:

Extend straight legs on floor. Lift both legs up first then lift the top leg up and down (gives inner tights and butt cheeks a better silhouette)

9) Barbell or dumbbell forward, reverse, or transverse lunges (with slow eccentric contractions). Lunge forward, sideways, and the backwards as you hold the barbell or dummbell on your shoulders.

10) Banded walks:

Abduct legs with bands in the sagittal, frontal, and transverse planes

11) Lying banded clam shells:

Externally rotate,abduct, and then adduct the hip as you lie on your side.

12) Plié Squats (or Sumo Squats): 

Squat with the toes turned outwards in a wide stance position.

13) Single or double leg bridges:

Lie down on your back with your hands by your sides, your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Make sure your feet are under your knees. Raise your hips up  and squeeze your core as you pull your belly button back toward your spine. Slowly raise and extend one leg while keeping your pelvis raised and level. If your hips sag or drop, place the leg back on the floor and do a double leg bridge until you become stronger. Remember to flatten the lumber spine before the ascent and to scoop the back on the descent.

14) Cook’s bridges:

Lie on back. Pull one knee tightly to the chest. The opposite knee stays bent at 90 degrees and the foot stays planted on the floor. Lower the lumbar spine, then push that foot into the floor and extend the hips upward. Return back to the original position and scoop back up the lumbar spine.

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