Eating Healthy And Avoiding Weight Gain While Eating On A College Meal Plan

8 Sep

Here are some simple tips for eating healthy and avoiding weight gain while eating on a college meal plan.

  1. Pick the protein first. Is there grilled chicken breast, lean beef, shrimp tuna, beans, etc.? Pick a healthy protein first and then add the veggies. Substitute a side salad for fries or baked potatoes.
  2. Choose your veggies second: Is there a salad? Veggies and dip? First, pick your protein, then add your veggies. You can often get chicken breast or fish etc. on top of a salad. Avoid croutons and heavy sauces on your salads.
  3. Pick healthy side dishes: Often you can assemble a pretty good meal from a few side orders, such as a single egg or a cup of fruit.
  4. Reach for healthy appetizers:  First, assume the portions will be big. So get a small item or two instead of pasta or a platter ribs.
  5. Avoid the sweets: Reach for an orange instead of cookies to satisfy your sweet tooth.
  6. Choose soups over carbs: Pick soups instead of pastas and spaghettis. Soups can help you stay satiated without the added calories.
  7. Last but not least, exercise at least 3x/week.

Are you ready to #finishitwithfinishfit?

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