What Is The Versa Climber?

22 Sep

The Versa Climberis used by LeBron James, Lady Gaga, Stephan Bonnar, Peyton Manning, Jennifer Aniston, Hillary Duff, etc.

-How to use:

The versa climber has 2 permanent factory pre-set options. They also comes with or without a seat.

  1. Contra – Lateral Movement Pattern (Cross-crawl): Contra-Lateral Movement Pattern (Opposite left arm right leg up, right arm left leg go up at the same time). It is the same movement pattern we use in while we crawl and walk. This helps strengthen the intrinsic core muscles and obliques. It also helps to integrate the nervous system with all the other systems in the body.
  2. Standard – When you climb a ladder, the hand that moves up a rung is followed by the foot on the same side of the body. The same sides climb up and down at same time in a side to side motion. It is similar to how baby’s crawl.

Both can be done with or without a seat to make it load bearing, partial load-bearing, or non-load bearing. You can use a polar heart rate monitor to track calories and heart rate.

The arm position can also be adjusted to accommodate taller or shorter individuals.

Some movement patterns are as follows:

  • Mid-Length: Similar to “walk” or “jog. About “6” to 8″ range.
  • Full-Length: Long strides, as high as you can reach. Within the 7″ to even 17″ range.
  • Double-Ups: 2 strides mid-length, followed by 2 strides full-length.
  • Sprint: All-out movement at mid-length.
  • 4X4: All 4 strides mid-length, followed directly by 4 strides full-length.
  • Rip: Long explosive full-length strides. Short and long strokes can be mixed with fast speeds and resistances.

It can be used in sprints or circuits (i.e. complete 2 min climb followed by Turkish Get Ups).

As a general rule, a 5% increase in training heart rate is recommended every 4-6 weeks


The Versa Climber is one of the best total body, non-impact, vertical trainers. It allows for cardio without the toll to the knees that often comes with high impact cardio (like running). A higher resistance setting makes the Versa Climber a more slow-paced, strength-building machine, whereas minimal resistance makes it more cardio-focused.

It engages all the major muscle groups that are used in grappling, boxing and jiu-jitsu — something a treadmill cannot do. It allows for circuits that are hugely explosive in short bursts.

It helps strengthen weak glutes and weak spinal erectors. The machine only moves as fast as you do so unlike a treadmill there’s no lag time to speed up which allows for a more intense anaerobic workout.

The Versa Climber burns more calories than a treadmill per minute.  A 20-30 minutes workout can burn more calories (600-800 calories) than many 60-minute class.

It forces you to use both your lower and upper muscle groups, without putting pressure on your joints.

-Who they might be right for:

It’s Important for functional movement (Quadruped Diagonals). Being on all fours allows for reciprocal patterning. It works the inner core (multifidus, ta, pelvic floor, the diaphragm). Climbing increases intensity of Quadruped Diagonals. It allows for full weight bearing, partial weight bearing, and almost non-weight bearing functional patters. So, it allows for older clients or rehab-patients to achieve full hip extension (either in seated or standing position) that they cannot normally get from recumbent and stationary bicycles.

Those with knee injuries (i.e. ACL or MCL injuries) can exercise with little risk by doing non-load bearing exercises (seated) or by doing partial load bearing exercises (getting on and off the seat).

Athletes can use it to improve their VO2-Max (3 min sprints with 12-in steps).

The average person can use it to improve their strength or cardiovascular system.

When we crawl, walk, climb, and run our opposite limbs work together. It is through this cross-patterning or contralateral limb movement that the left and right hemispheres of the brain communicate. When this happens the brain becomes more efficient, we can think more clearly, and we can achieve better reflexive strength and control.

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