Why Women Aren’t Losing Baby Weight PostPartum

27 Oct

-Why is baby weight so hard to lose?

Many women nurse after child birth. Weight loss experts suggest that they should cut calories to lose weight. Unfortunately, milk production diminishes with a lower calorie intake so nursing postpartum women cannot reduce their calorie intake.

-What are common mistakes women make when trying to lose baby weight?

Women are too hard on themselves and want to lose the weight ASAP. A steady gradual weight loss is the key so that fat mass rather than muscle mass is lost.

-What are 1-3 specific tips for women trying to lose baby weight?

1) Walk with you baby to burn calories (either carrying your baby or taking it on a stroller walk).

2) Women should find other postpartum moms in the area and form a group that holds each other accountable to exercise and eat healthy.

-What are some things within your control that can impact postpartum weight loss?

1) Getting in daily exercise

2) Eating healthy

-What are some things outside your control that can impact postpartum weight loss, and when should you talk to your doctor?

1) Shoulder or neck pain from carrying the baby during the day could make one want to avoid exercise. This would inevitably make weight loss difficult.

2) Women who are bloating (carrying extra water weight) should consult a physician. Such a scenario may require medication and could make weight loss difficult.

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