The Best Pre-travel Workouts For Flights And Road Trips

20 Oct

The best exercises to do before/during flights and road trips are as follows:

1. Perform the following body weight circuit (3X12).

  • Body weight squats
  • Pushups (modified pushups if you cannot do regular pushups)
  • 1-arm water bottle rows
  • Planks

2. A few types of stretches and other workouts, with details on why it’s beneficial for travelers long car and plane trips

  • Child’s pose to stretch the back
  • Cobra to stretch the hip flexors
  • Cat and Camel poses to stretch the torso and the upper back.

3. How far ahead of time they should do the workout?

  • One should perform these exercises about 45 min prior to the trip and the stretches about 20 min prior to the trip.

4. How does it help with your overall health?

  • These exercises will help build muscle and burn fat calories while sitting on long trips. The stretches will not only increase flexibility, but they will also help prevent back pain.

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