What Are The Best Exercises For Shapely Shoulders?

14 Oct

A “Complex” involves 2 or more exercises, there are no rest periods between the exercises, and the training load is the same for each exercise. You only need one piece for equipment to perform complex. In a Succession complex, you complete a set number of reps for each exercise before moving on to a different complex (as opposed to a “Sequence Complex”).

Here is my favorite “Shoulder Succession Complex” for building shapely shoulders:

Dumbbell “Arnold Press” to dumbbell “Shoulder External Rotation” to dumbbell “Reverse Fly”. The reason why I like this shoulder complex is because it targets are 3 major shoulder muscle groups. The Medial Deltoid (Arnold Press), the Anterior Deltoid (Shoulder External Rotation), and the Posterior Deltoid (Reverse Fly). This complex also eliminates the need to use other types of equipment such as cables or machines.

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